Infrastructure Monitoring Overview

To track down a bottleneck, you need to collect system information on your servers during the test. The dedicated platform and server monitoring modules are specifically dedicated to remote server monitoring.

The agentless design ensures hassle-free installation of any program on the monitored servers. Performance counters such as CPU usage, network bandwidth or active connections pool size are collected while the test is running. The dedicated monitoring modules support numerous environments:

Operating System Monitoring:

  • Windows - Monitor Windows Operating Systems
  • Linux/Unix - Monitor your Linux/Unix Desktop and Servers Systems
  • Solaris - Monitor your Solaris servers
  • IBM AIX - Monitor your AIX servers
  • HP UX - Monitor your HP UX servers

Applications Servers Monitoring:

  • .NET - Monitor Windows .NET servers (Sessions, Threads ...)
  • JBoss - Monitor JBoss servers
  • Tomcat - Monitor Apache Tomcat servers
  • WebLogic - Monitor your WebLogic J2EE application servers
  • WebSphere - Monitor your WebSphere J2EE application servers (JDBC, JTA ...).
  • Oracle Application Server - Monitor your Oracle Application Server J2EE application servers.

Database Monitoring:

  • MS SQL Server - Monitor Windows MSSQL Server (Logs, Requests rate ...)
  • MySQL - Monitor your MySQL database servers
  • Oracle - Monitor your Oracle database servers
  • DB2 - Monitor your DB2 database servers
  • PostgreSQL - Monitor your PostgreSQL database servers

Web Servers Monitoring:

  • IIS - Monitor Windows Internet Services Server IIS (Cache, Requests rate ...)
  • Apache - Monitor Apache web servers

Servers and Network devices Monitoring:

  • SNMP - Monitor an SNMP devices
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