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Welcome to “The Performance Focus”, the regular online round-up of news, technical tips and events of interest to the community at large from Enteros (formerly DBA InfoPower).

Hello from the Enteros team
In this issue we officially announce our name change to Enteros. We are also announcing our Load2Test Zero Dev product enabling enterprises to create load testing scenarios by capturing real production data and using this information to reduce the costs and time required to test and deploy new applications and systems into your production environment. The technical tip focuses on how to tune SQL statements using the Enteros Performance Explorer. Our Performance Explorer is the feature in the News and Events section. Please contact me and let me know what additional features you would like to see as part of the Performance Focus.

Company Name Change

On July 20, we announced our company name change from DBA InfoPower, to Enteros, Inc., Enteros is an acronym derived from Enterprise Operations Solutions. Enteros’ suite of products includes Production Performance Solutions that give you the ability to quickly identify and remediate problems before business impact. “As we continue to develop enterprise-wide solutions for the most complex of performance management challenges, our new name reflects the value Enteros provides its customers,” said Ron Sigura, CEO, Enteros, Inc. “Moving forward, our customers will continue receiving the excellent support and services they have come to expect from Enteros.”
The value of Enteros products and services are being recognized by leading industry experts. “Proper management of the performance of enterprise production data systems is critical to any organization’s success; enabling businesses to minimize risk and improve productivity," said Carl W. Olofson, Research Vice President at IDC. “What should be borne in mind throughout all of this is that data management is fundamental to the IT function and IT is critical to the success of any modern enterprise.” Learn how our solutions assist IT organizations to realize drastic ROI and lower TCO through our revolutionary and proven production performance life-cycle process and infrastructure optimizations. Visit our redesigned web site

Press News: Database Trends and Applications June 22, 2009

Enteros formerly DBA InfoPower Releases New Version of Load Testing Solution.
Enteros, a provider of software and services for enterprise production performance management, has introduced the latest extension in its Load Testing 2.0 solution with Load2Test ZeroDev, designed to further minimize risks associated with server, database and application load testing and production deployment. This announcement builds on Enteros’s recent updated release of its Load2Test.

According to Enteros, more than one-third of organizations are unable to test their system's performance prior to production deployment. Load2Test ZeroDev, part of Enteros's Load2Test Platform, provides enterprises with a new platform for load testing with authentic production data patterns and scenarios. The product helps to identify production grade bottlenecks, SLA degradations and fixes performance issues. Load2Test ZeroDev also enables the validation of changes for upgrades or installing bug patches using recorded production traffic flows and scenarios.

Load2Test load test development process automates use of recorded protocol data from system's backend and front end for load test creation, decreasing load test development time by up to 80%.

A performance management system, integrated into Load2Test Framework shrinks root cause analysis time by at least 50%, according to the company.

“The new product requires little development expertise and users do not need to be load-testing professionals,” says Ron Warshawsky, CTO, Enteros. "It is all done with very minimal human effort," adding that “there is no need for a big team to perform load testing.” "It literally can be done with the resources of one engineer." For more information, go here

Addition to Enteros Management Team

Gill Shapira has joined Enteros as VP of Enterprise Sales. He is responsible for worldwide sales working with both direct and channel. Gill is dynamically growing the direct sales force in North America, Channels in North America, South America and EMEA. Prior to joining Enteros Gill worked at Oracle providing information solutions on how to manage, use, share and protect mission critical information. As an Oracle Technology Sales Manager he was a top performer responsible for technology products in both the enterprise and named national accounts sectors. Gill has extensive experience working in Commercial, Strategic, Government and Non-Profit sectors. Particular expertise in Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Biotech, Gaming and Automotive provide key insight into concurrent enterprise requirements for each sector.

Gill is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a concentration in Economics and Political Science.

Addition to Enteros Staff

Tracy Bleile is Sr. Sales Consultant for Enteros technology. She is responsible for providing the best possible solution for our customers and ensuring customer needs are met. Prior to Enteros, Tracy was a Sr. Sales Consultant for Oracle Corporation where she worked with customers providing technology solutions across their database and middleware product offerings. Before that she was a sales consultant for Qumu, a video webcasting software solutions company, where she worked with customers such as, Google, Barclays Bank, Franklin Templeton, Polycom, and other large enterprises. Tracy Bleile also worked in Oracle Corporation’s marketing group for five years as an operations manager for their streaming technologies, as campaign marketing manager executing large marketing campaigns and as a product marketing manager driving go-to-market strategies for small and medium business database and application server technologies. Ms. Bleile holds a B.S. in Information Sciences and an MBA from San Diego State University.


By Hanan Hit - Director of Customer Support
The Tip – How to tune SQL statements with the usage of SQL Tuning advisor and Enteros PE-i.The Tip – How to tune SQL statements with the usage of SQL Tuning advisor and Enteros PE-i.
SQL tuning work is one of the most time consuming and challenging tasks faced by Oracle DBAs and application developers. The SQL Tuning Advisor is one many advisors, a set of expert systems that identifies and helps resolve database performance problems. Specifically, the SQL Tuning Advisor automates the tuning process of problematic SQL statements. It takes one or more SQL statements as input from the SQL cache, the AWR (or STS) and provides precise advice on how to tune the statements. When tuning multiple statements one has to keep in mind that SQL Tuning Advisor does not recognize interdependencies between SQL statements. The advice is provided in the form of precise SQL actions for tuning the SQL along with their expected performance benefit. The SQL Tuning Advisor is available through the OEM console, or by the usage of the dbms_sqltune API which can be invoked manually. The reader will be presented with an example of using Oracle SQL Tuning Advisor directly invoked from Enteros Inc. PE-i (Performance Explorer inside).


The example below selects over 40K object names and object ids from the database and then insert them into a table named big_one. First create the table to hold the data without any indexes

Create table big_one tablespace USERS as Select object_name, object_id from all_objects;
Select count(1)
from big_one;

• Now you should multiple the records in the table in order to create a table that will hold more than 167M records (Smaller numbers of records can be used as well of course).

Viewing AWR

Figure 1 – Creating non unique 167M big table based on multiples of all_objects

At this stage you are ready to start the testing. As the big_one doesn’t have any indexes we will execute a select statement that will query for a given OBJECT_NAME which will yield the usage of FTS (Full table scan).

Loading AWR

Figure 2 – Querying for non unique numbers from the big table – FTS

Upon completion of the statement execution we will be using Enteros PE- (An advanced performance analysis tool for root cause, change impact and scalability of databases)
In order to:
1. Identify the high impacting SQL statement directly from memory – No need to create a dedicated AWR snapshot for that. Identification of the high impacting SQL is done by:

a. Enter part of the select criteria under PE-i SQL Search Pattern.
b. Make sure to use default Time amount of 1 hour (can be more if required).
c. Choose the BUFFER_GETS_TOTAL SQL Statistics.
d. Enter the Search Memory button.
e. You should then see something like the screenshot below (depends on the activity on your system of course).

Click on image to view large.

Figure 3 – Identify high impacting SQL statements directly from memory

2. Display the current statements text.

Click on image to view large.

Figure 4 – Display high impacting SQL statements text directly from memory

Invoke SQL Tuning Advisor in COMPREHENSIVE mode.

Click on image to view large.

Figure 5 – Invoke Oracle SQL Tuning Advisor for selected high impacting SQL statements

Review SQL Tuning Advisor findings and recommendations.

Click on image to view large.

Figure 6 – SQL Tuning Advisor – General Information section.

Click on image to view large..

Figure 7 – SQL Tuning Advisor – Findings and recommendations.

Click on image to view large

Figure 8 – SQL Tuning Advisor – Original and new plan analysis.

Deploy SQL Tuning Advisor recommendations.

Figure 9 – SQL Tuning Advisor recommendation implementation.

*** Of course as DBAs we would like to name the index with our conventions
As well as do it faster

Re-Execute the SQL statement.

Search the repository (assuming creation of manual snapshot or the memory) for the given SQL statement by pattern.

Click on image to view large.

8. Invoke SQL Tuning Advisor in COMPREHENSIVE mode and review the new results (No recommendations).

The above solution is restricted to the usage of live database connections and can’t be used in PMDB(Performance Warehouse) scenarios due the fact that Oracle SQL Tuning Advisor can perform the job only once connected to the database for which the tuning job is to be performed.

With the usage of simple Oracle API’s and Enteros Inc. PE-i enterprises today have the ability to perform SQL tuning tasks that previously required seasoned Oracle professionals. The SQL Tuning Advisor is a powerful tool that offers the ability to automatically analyze performance metrics and generate recommendations based on best practices and accepted methodologies. PE-i offers the ability of instantaneously identify the high impacting SQL statements that can then be supplied to the SQL
Tuning Advisor as a tuning task and will shorten the identification and resolution cycles. All is available right now.

News and Events

Performance in the Production Environment: Why It’s Important to Quickly and Accurately Analyze

Analyzing your technology stack to track and investigate performance in your production environment has great value. You can realize gains in user experience, operational efficiency, employee productivity, and revenue. Improved performance through analysis provides agility for all stakeholders allowing you to better manage growth, achieve “go-to-market” objectives and relieve stress for all employees devoted to the IT infrastructure.

Knowing your available resources is always a step in the right direction toward maintained performance, but recognizing potential problems before they occur is what makes you a champion. You want to target and troubleshoot issues before they impact business. However, very little time is available to analyze the root cause of spikes and perform change analysis. In fact, most often time available is much less than the time required. This delay can stop the ability to take corrective action in its tracks.

Enteros’ Performance Explorer can process very substantial amounts of performance data both historical and current while delivering superior navigation and analytical functions to that data. We provide deep analysis that puts the results in front of the correct stakeholders within minutes. The information has precision, accuracy and is extremely meaningful because it is from your production environment using agent or agent-less data collection methods. This means corrective action does not suffer from delay and the stakeholder can identify, resolve and move to other key tasks in short order.

Empower your team, analyze without fail and realize productivity and cost improvement through Performance Explorer brought to you by Enteros.

Load2Test ZeroDev Overview

Enteros Load2Test ZeroDev can help prevent costly application performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. Unlike the competition, which uses synthetic testing scenarios for performance testing, Load2Test ZeroDev lays foundation for end-to-end performance on core business functionality.

Load2test ZeroDev works by non-intrusively capturing real production data and by creating load testing scenarios based on that data. Since data is captured by a separate appliance, no software installation is required on database server or application server, meaning – zero performance impact, zero configuration changes, and the system remains the same after the data is captured.

Once the business flows are captured, ZeroDev processes them, and extracts data flows. By using adaptive technology, ZeroDev analyzes the infrastructure performance characteristics and provides a foundation for additional infrastructure fine-tuning. Maximum performance is achieved by using multipipeline architecture.

ZeroDev enables the measurement of end-to-end performance, diagnose application and system bottlenecks and tune for better performance — while keeping the performance testing in check with core business values. The integrated load test, performance test and application stress test features help you reduce the costs and time required to test and deploy new applications and systems into your production environment. Most importantly, you are going to test the application against real business cases, and not against your best guess.


• Northern California Oracle User Group (NoCOUG), August 20, Chevron, San Ramon, CA
Enteros will be exhibiting at the NoCOUG Summer Conference to be held Thursday, August 20, 2009 at Chevron Headquarters in San Ramon CA. We will be featuring our Production Performance Management Solutions for Oracle. Visit with our team and learn how our solutions can help make you more proficient and agile while leveraging your knowledge for developing more capabilities for fine-grain, multi-application performance problem identification, real-time performance problem remediation of databases, advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of databases and advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of multi-tiered applications. Every visitor will receive a special gift celebrating our name change from DBA InfoPower to Enteros.

• Oracle OpenWorld, 2009 Oct. 11-15, Moscone Center, San Francisco
Visit with the Enteros staff in both locations at OracleWorld 2009. In the South Exhibition Hall at our corporate booth (#118) we will demonstrate Production Performance Management and Load Testing 2.0 for Oracle. At the SaaS and Cloud Pavilion (#221) we will be showing Load Testing 2.0 for Oracle and Amazon EC2 Cloud. At either location, meet with your colleagues and learn how our patented solutions enable IT organizations to realize greater ROI and lower TCO through innovative life-cycle processes and infrastructure optimizations.

Request a Live Demo or Download Free Trial Software from Enteros You can request a demo of our products by visiting our web site at Choose products for proactive problem identification, real-time performance remediation, and advanced problem diagnosis:
Performance Suite
Grid2Go: proactive, fine-grain, multi-application performance problem identification
DBAct: real-time performance problem remediation of databases
Performance Explorer-i: advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of databases
High Load Capture: advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of multi-tiered applications Load2Test Framework
Load2Test: an integrated software framework for scalable performance validation and accelerated problem resolution
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