Users can move from their Legacy Load testing to the Enteros TeamSpace solution and reduce load test development effort by more than 80% by using Amazon EC2 cloud and the Amazon account management service Amazon Dev Pay

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 9, 2009 - Enteros, Inc., the industry leader in Production Performance Management, today announced the immediate availability of its Load2Test TeamSpace Release 7.0. This newest offering from Enteros supports technology for load testing in the Amazon EC2 cloud. The added Cloud support provides organizations with the ability to use virtually unlimited on-demand computing resources for load testing. It is possible to create testing Nodes in virtual instances, run a Load Test and retrieve performance results for analysis. Instances used can be immediately taken down thereby using and discarding them on an as needed basis. With this release, Enteros also announces that customers using the Amazon EC2 Cloud can use the Amazon DevPay service for their account management. Customers can easily sign up and pay for Load2Test TeamSpace 7.0 load testing in the Amazon EC2 Cloud with an Amazon.com account.

This solution with its unique proven technology can dramatically reduce the cost of load testing for organizations of any size, ensuring optimal performance for a fraction of the established time and cost. The latest offerings from Enteros removes the requirement to maintain array of load test servers and the hardware, power and infrastructure currently required by Legacy load testing solutions. Added security is ensured by enabling the consolidation of the cloud testing environment and a business's existing IT infrastructure through automatic VPN creation. This feature imparts additional flexibility and reliability to the Cloud environment. Load2Test TeamSpace 7.0 continues to use the unique Enteros "backend approach" load testing methodology. This enables load testing of infrastructure components, such as databases, message buses and application servers in a VPN environment, integrating cloud and internal operational components. Integrated into this release is the ability to use real production traffic instead of synthetic load test scenarios. The ZeroDev module within Load2Test analyzes production and application traffic and easily converts this traffic into scenarios. A module to support Windows user interface recording and replay over Citrix servers is included in this release. It is intended to record the set of user's actions and to interpret the result into a load test scenario. The Citrix servers are used as third part component and for load generation.

Additional performance features added to Load2Test TeamSpace 7.0 include capability for several scenarios to run under the same user account simultaneously during the same login session. A new test node and an infrastructural node were added. For cases where the test nodes are responsible for the scenario execution and load generation, the infrastructural nodes represent a testing target. For example, a user can generate load of particular type using test nodes and monitor the behavior of their database server, web server or application server under such load.

"Our cloud enhancements to TeamSpace 7.0 make it an ideal environment for developers in organizations of all sizes to test their applications in the Cloud with real production data and Enteros is pleased to make this solution available to this emerging market," said Ron Warshawsky, CTO, Enteros. "Our latest release of TeamSpace continues our commitment to the Enteros product road map assisting organizations in adopting and leveraging new technologies such as the cloud."

The significance of the cloud environment for load testing using the Enteros Load2Test solution which forms the nucleus of the TeamSpace 7.0 release was demonstrated in a recent benchmark paper by Warshawsky and Skobel (2009) ¹. They compared the Load2Test 2.0 solution in both the Amazon EC2 Cloud and on traditional hardware. Among several significant results, they found was that the Cloud environment can support similar (and in certain cases even higher) rates of throughput for business transactions and information retrieval requests compared to the infrastructure based on physical hardware for a typical web application of average intensity. The paper can be downloaded at our web site http://www.enteros.com/col/Enteros_IBM_EC2_Cloud_Benchmark_WP.pdf Load2Test TeamSpace 7.0 embraces modern Cloud architecture with its benefits of reduced and simplified infrastructure resulting in consequential cost efficiencies. Cloud environments offer the possibility of significantly reducing issues of resource over-provisioning by introducing a "pay as you go" model. Outside of security considerations, this evaluation should be primarily based on performance characteristics of Public Clouds and their ability to maintain consistent SLA levels during lengthy production operational cycles. The release of TeamSpace 7.0 from Enteros with its cloud and Citrix support and billing via Amazon DevPay allows organizations to quickly create a user friendly infrastructure that manages load testing group activities. It also analyzes load test bottlenecks, uses real production captured traffic, generates load tests reports and releases load testing from its moribund legacy status.

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¹Hardware vs. Amazon EC2 Cloud Performance In the Cloud

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