Real-time Remediation of Database Performance

Enteros DBAct™ is a comprehensive software toolkit for diagnosis, containment and remediation of database performance problems. Designed by DBAs for DBAs, it provides real-time diagnostic reports, performance snapshots, containment and productivity functionality. With DBAct, DBAs and operations engineers can significantly reduce and contain the production performance problems that  severely impact business performance.

Comprehensive diagnostic reports

Investigate common contributors to performance degradation with instant, detailed, diagnostic reports.

• Identification of top CPU-consuming sessions and machines

• Internal buffer busy waits contention and blocking sessions

• Fragmentation of shared pool and shared pool free space

• Resource manager performance and contention

• Latching

• Detailed transactional locking

• Internal DDL locking and contention

• Waits on segments and data blocks

Real-time performance sampling and reporting

Get instantaneous snapshots of critical performance areas before, during and after remediation.

• SQL consuming most Buffer Gets (CPU consumption)

• Top application servers waiting on problem wait event

• Top application servers generating provided performance metric

• Top database filesystems I/O performance

• Most frequently executing SQL

• Most frequently parsing SQL

• Top datafile I/O performance

Containment command library

Streamline tedious containment exercises with commands that automate the sequence of steps that must be taken to achieve containment. Choose a command from the built-in library that covers the most common contributors to database performance degradation.


• blocking DDL locks contentions

• blocking transactional locks contentions, including cross-RAC node situations

• blocking enqueues

• accumulation of top CPU-consuming sessions and machines


• sessions and application servers causing full table scans on long tables

• long-running transactions

Low-level tracing

Perform low level tracing by machine, process ID or session ID, Module/ Program, and SQL.

DBA function library

Apply a rich library of functions to problem investigation and resolution. Accelerate time to resolution with functions that get process ID and session ID using associations, decode DBA number, and set machine time.

Information navigators

Put performance view and database dictionary information at your fingertips. Navigate efficiently between summary level and detail level reports. Reduce the need for repetitive SQL command typing  during stressful problem containment and remediation.

Supported Infrastructure


Server Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP/UX
  • AIX
  • Windows Servers
  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g

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