Load Test Execution

Negligible footprint

Minimal overhead during execution makes it safe to apply in any environment.

100% pure Java

Load test execution runs on any platform that supports JVM  (J2SE 1.5+) because the execution components are 100% pure Java.

Compatible with custom, composite and packaged applications

Apply to a wide range of application architectures, including web applications, SOAP-based or RESTful  web services, and desktop applications. Most architectures can be accommodated because the runtime framework operates at the infrastructural component level.

Concurrent collection of performance data

Collect performance statistics for databases, web servers and application servers concurrent with test execution, so that root cause analysis can be performed the moment a test finishes.

Load Test Root Cause Analysis

Transparent transfer of load test results

Spend zero time importing performance statistics because no import is necessary; RCA  analysis and load test execution are fully integrated.

Advanced, cross-tier root cause analysis

Identify performance limiters down to the level of individual infrastructure components using data and results generated by load test. Visualize and correlate performance behavior across application tiers.

Automatic Bad SQL Identification

Automatic ranking of SQL by performance costs identifies poorly performing SQL code quickly and precisely.

Load Test Reporting and Analytics

Load Performance Reporting

Get immediate feedback on load performance through summary reports and charts of key performance statistics.

Scalability Index Reporting

Automatic calculation, reporting and charting of Enteros' scalability index for system under test (SUT).

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance Reporting

Automatic calculation, reporting and charting of SLA compliance for system under test (SUT).

Executive-level Summary Report

Automatically generate summary test reports  that highlight key findings in a concise format for busy CIOs and CTOs.


Image: Load2Test Executive Reports


Open Data Repository

Apply other analytics tools to data generated by Load2Test. Its open data repository and published schemas enable easy access.

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