The Performance Problem Lifecycle

IT system performance problems are formidable but not insurmountable. It takes a different way of looking at the problem. Why? Legacy system management suites are composed of component-level performance tools (added into the suite one by one over the years) that are not integrated with each other, so they struggle with system-level problems. Pure-play application management suites that approach performance problems from the business side are more effective at diagnosing system-level problems, but they do not identify a problem exists until end user experience has already been impacted. They address performance problems in a reactive way by design.

Enteros Solutions


The Enterprise Performance Management Lifecycle


Enteros solutions are organized around the production performance management lifecycle. This unique perspective enables several key advantages over legacy and top-down infrastructure and application performance management approaches.

  1. Find and fix both component-level and system-level performance problems
  2. Proactively identify problems before end user experience is impacted
  3. Unify enterprise performance management across application testing, release and production operation
  4. Unify enterprise production performance management activities across infrastructure change, testing, release and operation

PPM: An innovative software platform for Production Performance Management

UpBeat: A comprehensive software suite for proactive problem identification, real-time performance remediation, and advanced problem diagnosis

Load2Test: An integrated software framework for scalable performance validation and accelerated problem resolution

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