Validate Application Performance and Scalability

Reduce load test development effort by 80%

Load testing has become an essential part of the development process for business-critical applications. Testing scalability prior to deployment results in significant cost savings and reduction of operational risk, but the act of load testing itself is tedious, resource-intensive, and costly. Load2Test significantly reduces the cost of load testing through the use of non-proprietary test scripting languages, SQL and network protocol sniffers and parsers, and zero dependence on data entry scripting.


Image: Load2Test - Business Process Capture

Standardize load testing across the enterprise

Load2Test  was designed for real-world load testing, across a wide range of application architectures, loads, and environments. Easy to deploy and run with small runtime footprint, Load2Test is suitable for all load testing scenarios. Its back-end-centric load drivers are capable of  producing very high loads very efficiently. The runtime framework is compatible with web applications, SOAP-based and RESTful  web services, and desktop applications, as well as the database, web and application servers that drive them.


Image: Infrastructure supported by Load2Test


Load2Test Technology Innovations

To learn more about the technology of Load2Test, visit the Load2Test pages in the Products section.

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