Integrated product suites

The foundation is the basis for integration of PPM's two solution suites, UpBeat and Load2Test.

Enteros applications are built on the PPM platform

Benefits of PPM

PPM enables CIOs and their organizations to master their performance problems across the enterprise. The benefits are significant and far-reaching.

Improved IT quality of service

Employees and customers alike depend on IT organizations to provide robust and consistent access to custom and packaged applications, data centers, and websites. Performance problems that increase response time – or worse, reduce availability – drive down quality of service. Enteros' PPM platform reduces the number of performance problems released into production, and reduces the time it takes to return performance to acceptable levels.

Reduced cost of doing IT

The pressure to reduce the cost of doing IT continues to grow. With up to 40% of the typical IT budget going to maintenance of existing systems, it is easy to understand why many IT executives feel boxed in. PPM reduces both application development costs and infrastructure and operations management costs by as much as an order of magnitude. It saves even more by minimizing unexpected outages. The cost savings enabled by PPM can be pulled from the bottom line or applied to discretionary spending to fund major new initiatives.

Increased agility of  IT staff

“Do more with less” has been the mantra of IT executives for many years now, and shows no sign of becoming passé. Unprecedented rates of business and technology change have made agility a critical success factor for IT. PPM significantly increases the productivity of IT teams responsible for application and infrastructure performance, enabling them to do more with no additional headcount.

Lower IT-related business risks

Unexpected outages of business-critical IT services often cost millions of dollars in lost transactions, and millions more in market valuation long after the outage is corrected. Enteros' PPM platform reduces the number of problems capable of causing an outage, and increase the number of problems addressed before they can trigger an outage.

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