Integrated, Extensible Load Testing Framework for Multi-tiered Applications


Load2Test - Performance/load/stress/high availability testing tool from Enteros Inc.

Load2Test captures real production workload for load testing playback, simulating thousands of users for top down testing or back-end testing at the database component layer. Also available in the Amazon EC2, RackSpace or PlatformLabs cloud environments.

Integrated performance management and root cause analysis system automatically collects performance metrics across load test infrastructure and applies cross-component correlation to identify performance degradations and bottlenecks. In addition to database load testing, Load2Test provides powerful baseline load testing functionality, such as web site load testing, Citrix load testing and UI or GUI load testing. Extensible API for load testing agents enables easy support for load testing of custom protocols


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Load2Test Controller and Test Nodes supported platforms:


Windows and Linux


Load2Test performance data collectors and monitoring supported platforms (click for details)


Windows, Linux, HP/UX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX


Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Application Servers:

.NET, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle Application Server (OAS), GlassFish, Tomcat, Jetty


NetApp Filers, IBM DS8300


Load2Test is an integrated, extensible load testing framework for performance validation and root cause analysis in development, test and staging environments. Load2Test provides advanced support for load test development, execution, and concurrent root cause analysis. It can be applied to custom, composite, and packaged applications. Customizable reporting and open analytics make short work of test results documentation and sharing. Its unique approach to scalability validation reduces load test development time by 80%, helps development teams identify exact root causes of load test bottlenecks, and accommodates wide ranges of applications, load levels, and environments.


Load2Test Runtime Framework


Load Test Development

Network protocol parsers and analyzers

Let Load2Test’s library of network protocol parsers and analyzers do the work so you don’t have to. Intelligent parsing of network traffic and database activity reduces test script creation efforts by as much as 80%.

Load2Test currently supports parsing of below database and non-database protocols:

Oracle 9i-11g, SQL Server 2000-2008, MySQL, Oracle Forms and HTTP

Non-proprietary scripting languages

Author and extend load test scripts using  non-proprietary languages such as Java, Groovy, Ruby, and Python.

No user interface dependencies

Avoid tedious test maintenance caused by UI changes because Load2Test definitions have no dependencies on user interface design.


Image: Load2Test Preparation

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